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Who is behind CodeCurious?

Hi! I'm Bhumi. I’m a software engineer, a teacher, a writer, and an entrepreneur. I have 15 years of experience building software at tech companies in silicon valley.

I've also been mentoring/teaching developers for a decade for fun. From new grads at work to volunteering at coding bootcamps to, most recently, formal 1-on-1 long-term mentoring. I enjoy digging into complex technical topics and then articulating my understanding with simple examples, tbh, this is my "if you could only do one thing for the rest of your life...on a deserted island" answer.

Oh and I recently started making Screencasts. You can check them out here.

My story of how I got into tech is actually pretty boring. I got a CS degree and then kept working in the industry. gasp I have a Bachelors & Masters in Computer Engineering from University of Pennsylvania. I've written low-level software (C and C++) for implantable medical devices as well as modern web applications with microservice architecture (Rails, Angular, Java/Spring) for health tech startup with 100s of enterprise customers.

But enough about me. CodeCurious is about helping you accelerate your learn-to-code journey. Come join me!

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Learning Accelerator

+ 12 Sessions over 4 weeks
+ Weekly Office Hours
+ Weekly Co-learning sessions
+ Work on your projects at your own pace.
+ No long term commitment, Renew monthly. Most students "graduate" after 4 to 6 months.


1-on-1 Monthly Mentoring

+ Up to 4 video calls per month
+ Ongoing chat access for one-off questions
+ No long term commitment, month-to-month


Mentoring Call

+ 60 minute video call
+ Use it however you'd like. Some options are:
+ Get all your Javascript questions answered.
+ Get help with building a learning roadmap.
+ Get help with building portfolio projects.

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